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posted June 12th, 2008

Updated: 10/16/2012

On occasion I may need to present a bio for an article or a conference. This is it. I’m posting it now in order to include it as a section of the web site. This URL will be its permanent home. Following the bio are various online communities that I belong to. If you are also a member and read this blog, feel free to reach out and say hi.

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Longform Bio
Bryson Meunier is the Director of SEO Strategy at Resolution Media, an Omnicom Media Group Company, and a primary architect of Resolution Media’s natural search product and Clear Target Digital Behavior Analysis. He currently works with the Resolution Media content team to help drive SEO strategy and execution for Resolution Media clients, and to serve as an evangelist for Resolution Media’s organic search efforts throughout the industry.

Bryson’s career at Resolution Media has given him the opportunity to help some of the world’s top brands achieve success in mobile and SEO, including Lowe’s, LeapFrog, Briggs & Stratton, Apple, FedEx, Groupon and others.

Bryson is a pioneer in understanding how mobility changes search engine optimization and is a recognized expert in mobile SEO.

Bryson has been a featured speaker at SMX Advanced, SMX Local & Mobile, SMX Social Media Marketing, SMX West, SMX East, Search Engine Strategies Chicago, SES Toronto, Digiday Mobile, Mobile Web and Apps World Forum, a moderator for Mobile Monday NY and SES Toronto, and a published author of articles for publications like Search Engine Land, DM News, Search Marketing Standard, Visibility Magazine, and others. He currently writes a monthly column in Search Engine Land as part of their Mobile Monday series, and the monthly Pro Search column on SEO for .Net magazine—the best-selling publication for designers and developers worldwide. He is also writing a book on Mobile SEO.

Bryson is passionate about SEO education and SEO standards. He is the first graduate of SEMPO Institute’s Advanced SEO program and enjoys sharing some of his learnings with the community at his Natural Search and Mobile SEO Blog, the Resolution Media company blog, FindResolution, internally in the extensive Resolution Media training program he helped to develop, as a manager of the Mobile SEO Google Group, in various webinars for MarketingProfs University, Instant E-Training, SEMPO, etc., and as the founder of the monthly Chicago SEO Meetup.

Prior to joining Resolution Media in 2005, Meunier started his marketing career at Walgreens.com, where he spent three years as a web copywriter, and two years managing various paid and natural search campaigns for Walgreens and their vendors. Meunier holds a BA in English from The Ohio State University, where he graduated summa cum laude with distinction in English.

He lives in Chicago with his wife, Jennifer, and their two kids, Casey and Madeleine. When not working, he enjoys genealogy research, vinyl records and digital music and being a doomed fan of Cleveland sports teams and the Ohio State Buckeyes.

Short Bio

Bryson Meunier is the Director of SEO Strategy at Resolution Media, an Omnicom Media Group Company. His position gives him the opportunity to lead SEO strategy and execution for some of the world’s top brands, and to share some of his learnings with the SEO community as a whole.

Shorter Bio

Bryson Meunier is the Director of SEO Strategy at Resolution Media and the primary architect of their natural search product. He writes regularly on advanced SEO topics at his Natural Search and Mobile SEO Blog, in Search Engine Land and .Net Magazine.

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3 Responses to “About Bryson Meunier”

  1. Hey Bryson,

    Saw you speak at SMX Lomo. Great job.

    Also read a recent article in Search Marketing Standard about mobile SEO. I wanted to check out the JumpTap mobile KW research tool but can’t find it for the life of me. I tried to follow the instructions from: http://www.brysonmeunier.com/how-to-find-the-jumptap-mobile-keyword-tool but they have changed it since.

    Do you know where I can find it currently?

    Thanks Bryson!

  2. Hi Jordan, It looks like they deleted all of the Mobile Master tools since they’re now partnering with Yahoo! for mobile search. Thanks for letting me know the pages have changed. I’ll update the post. I don’t know if JumpTap has plans to rerelease the tool, but it would be difficult without AT&T data. If they do rerelease it, however, it’s likely they would post it here: http://www.jumptap.com/seo-developers-tools Best, Bryson

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