Google Adds Mobile Search Volume to New AdWords Keyword Tool

posted September 25th, 2009

mobile search kw tool

Have you tried the new beta keyword tool within AdWords yet? Kudos to Google for simplifying the process of finding mobile search volume, turning a four step process into two steps. Once you’ve accessed the beta keyword tool, select Mobile Search within the Advanced options to base your targeted monthly search volume on mobile searches in the country you specify.

It would be nice to see what percent of search volume is mobile and what is desktop to highlight the keywords that will be most effective in mobile search, but this is definitely an improvement in what is currently the only mobile keyword tool available.

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4 Responses to “Google Adds Mobile Search Volume to New AdWords Keyword Tool”

  1. This is important because mobile marketing is only increasing in strength. It is only in the beginning stages of it’s life cycle but it will be here sooner or later.

  2. uma says:

    but the mobile kwd tool does not include data from smartphones? Wouldn’t including smartphone search volumes increase the number significantly?

  3. Yes, it would. My hope is that Google would include smartphone and feature phone volume, as they do now in Google Webmaster Tools. Rumor has it that this will be included in future releases, but for now the tool is feature phone volume only.

  4. Uma, the mobile keyword tool now includes data from smartphones. And from my initial test of one category it increases the number by about 5 times on average.