Included in New eMarketer State of Mobile Search 2013 Report

If you’re an eMarketer client like us and you haven’t yet read the new report on Mobile SEO and SEM, it’s definitely worth a read. A lot of smart people are quoted in it, and I’m lucky to have been one of them. It’s a lot of great information about where mobile search is this year, and how to take advantage of it.

I’m listed in the mobile SEO section, as you might expect. Quoted on responsive web design, click to call, etc. Here’s the executive summary and key questions asked:

In 2012, search marketing reached an inflection point in the US. Desktop search volume declined for the first time, while the share of queries from smartphones and tablets reached roughly 20%.

Nowhere is the increased usage of mobile devices more evident than in search statistics. Google reported that search traffic from smartphones and tablets worldwide increased 80% year over year in 2012.

Impressive as the growth has been, the results are more noteworthy: US marketers that ran tablet- or smartphone-targeted search campaigns in 2012 saw clickthrough rates (CTRs) well above desktop averages, while cost-per-click (CPC) rates were below desktop norms. In 2013, eMarketer estimates US mobile search ad spending will top $3.5 billion and represent 18% of digital search ad spending, up from 11% in 2012.

Overall, the outlook for mobile search is positive. However, US marketers face significant challenges with paid and organic mobile search, namely mastering Google’s Enhanced Campaigns—a new version of AdWords announced in February 2013 that promises to make buying mobile search easier but requires a steep learning curve—and dealing with the inability to identify search referral traffic from iOS 6 devices. All the while, marketers need to keep a close eye on US consumers’ use of mobile apps for vertical search.


Key Questions

  • What makes mobile searchers unique?
  • To what degree are US marketers implementing mobile SEO tactics?
  • What is the growth trajectory of mobile paid search spending in the US?
  • How effective is mobile paid search?
  • What do advertisers need to know about Google AdWords Enhanced Campaigns?
  • Have upgrades to iOS 6 made organic search harder to track?

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