Finding the Google Mobile Keyword Tool

posted June 15th, 2009

Google’s mobile keyword tool moved with the AdWords redesign. When I was looking for it the other day I wondered for a minute if Google had eliminated it from the new version of AdWords. I was happy to find that this wasn’t the case. I’m thinking many of you may have the same concerns, as [...]

Transcript of Scott Huffman Presentation on Mobile Search at Google Searchology 2009

posted June 13th, 2009

I wanted to make sure that everyone interested in mobile search and mobile SEO had a chance to see this presentation from last monthís Searchology 2009, or at least to review the transcript. Itís important for marketers who are interested in mobile because it confirms that Google is returning optimized mobile web sites ahead of [...]

Google’s Ankit Gupta on Building Mobile Friendly Web Sites

posted May 7th, 2009

I’m a big fan of the Google Webmaster Central Channel on YouTube, which is really a great training resource for both beginner and experienced SEOs and webmasters. Yesterday I stumbled across this video and presentation from Google’s Ankit Gupta from Google SearchMasters India conference on Building Mobile Friendly Web Sites. Not all of it is [...]

228 App Store Keywords from App Store Search Suggest

posted April 24th, 2009

I was writing an article on App Store SEO and decided to mine the App Store search suggest to see if it could tell me anything about how users navigated the app store through search. The results are below. To discover this list I put the letters of the alphabet into the search engine to find popular queries around that letter. The result was a list of 260 keywords, 228 of which were unique.

Mobile SEO Wiki

posted April 21st, 2009

Many exciting things going on and no time to report. However, you can keep yourselves busy with the new Mobile SEO Wiki. Design4Mobile recently did a wiki page on mobile SEO as part of their wonderful mobile design wiki, but I wanted to expand the content and invite my mobile SEO friends to contribute to [...]

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Thinking Mobile Tomorrow and Thursday in New York

posted March 17th, 2009

Not that I donít usually think mobile, but Wednesday and Thursday of this week I will be thinking mobile with the brightest minds in the mobile industry at the ThinkMobile conference in NYC. Looking forward to seeing some of my esteemed colleagues in the mobile industry, including David Berkowitz, Greg Sterling, Rachel Pasqua and Peggy Anne Salz, who will be talking about opportunities in mobile search and SEO. If youíre in NY, donít miss the show, and if youíre going to the show, feel free to reach out and say hello.

Snap this Screen for New Mobile Content

posted March 7th, 2009

If you have a cameraphone with the Microsoft tag app installed, you can access the new mobile version of this blog without typing a character or opening a browser. Just point your camera at the tag below and take a picture, and the smart code will take you to related content on your phone. Thanks [...]

Mobile SEO on Search Engine Land

posted February 23rd, 2009

Given that I’m a voracious reader of Search Engine Land and great admirer of Danny Sullivan, Chris Sherman and others involved in the blog, it’s my great pleasure to also be a contributor to Search Engine Land

Mobile and the Movies

posted February 23rd, 2009

My wife and I just
got back from seeing the Reader and are currently, like many Americans, watching the Oscars. I wanted
to quickly post a movie related mobile tip, and then try to predict
the winners with mobile search volume via the new Google Mobile
keyword tool

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Mobile Analytics with Google Analytics

posted February 21st, 2009

This great tip for using Google Analytics for mobile analytics was first brought to my attention by Craig Hordlow of Red Bricks Media in iMedia Connection. Instead of using filters and creating a separate profile, Iíve set up custom segments in the latest version of Google Analytics in order to compare mobile traffic to desktop traffic or smartphone traffic to mobile traffic easily. Hereís how:

Mobile SEO Guide: Mobile SEO Checklist and Mobile SEO Teleseminar

posted February 11th, 2009

I want to preface this post by saying that I am employed full-time by Resolution Media and am offering this limited mobile marketing checklist and guide for a nominal fee in order to help those who donít have the resources to hire me and my colleagues at Resolution Media, or employ an agency or consultant to help them in their SEO efforts. Itís not an alternative to hiring an agency or a consultant, but itís an affordable way to begin to understand mobile SEO indexing and ranking factors for those who have no other options. If youíre interested in partnering with an industry leader for your long-term natural search (including mobile) strategy, the checklist and mobile SEO seminar Iím about to describe are definitely not a substitute. They are, however, good places to start for the uninitiated, and the nominal fee allows me to control access to the information, while helping those who read this blog and are interested in mobile SEO get a taste of the type of understanding thatís necessary to execute mobile SEO successfully, even if they have limited budgets. If you want to discuss a long-term partnership with thought leaders in monetizing emerging media, including mobile search, you can hire me and my team on a full-time basis by contacting Resolution Media

Top Mobile Search Keywords 2008

posted January 27th, 2009

At the beginning of the new year I’ve noticed a lot of backwards-looking traffic in my analytics. Many of you are finding this blog while looking for insight into the top mobile search queries entered in 2008. A number of other blogs reported these in December of 2008 when the engines released them, but to my knowledge none of them gave search volume for the queries, and few places have even aggregated the content into a single page. Therefore, search and you shall receive… I give you the top mobile search terms of 2008, as reported by Yahoo! Mobile, AOL Mobile and Google Mobile India:

Nominated for a Local 2009 SEMMY

posted January 20th, 2009

Excited and flattered to be a part of this year’s SEMMYS. I’m the only mobile-specific nominee among a list of informative local search posts, which I think of as a triumph for mobile search. Oddly, it’s not my most popular post that was nominated, but it does give me a sense of what kind of posts the community appreciates, which will give me some direction for 2009. Regular readers of this blog understand that I don’t think of mobile as a category within local search exclusively

Cindy Krum Gives You Ten Ways to Get Started in Mobile Marketing

posted January 19th, 2009

What are you going to be doing at 12pm EST tomorrow, Tuesday January 20, 2009? If you’ve turned on a television or glanced at a newspaper or online media source in the past several weeks, you know that many people will be tuning in to the inauguration of Barack Obama at that time. However, if you have a Tivo/DVR and want to take advantage of the momentum mobile has this year, I would think about Tivoing the inauguration and tuning in to Cindy Krum’s webinar on mobile marketing instead.

Dropping Advanced Keyword Research Science at SMX West 2009

posted January 13th, 2009

Very excited to be a part of SMX West this year. I haven’t made a secret of my frustration with search trade shows in general for catering to search marketing newbies, but SMX is unique in that they offer SMX advanced for marketers who don’t often learn at the more general trade shows, and a satisfaction guarantee. I had a great time at SMX Local & Mobile last year, and am looking forward to this SMX-perience as well.