Top Google Mobile Searches 2011

posted March 8th, 2011

Given that I’ll be talking in depth about mobile search behavior tomorrow at SMX, I wanted to share part of my research with blog readers. If you were ever curious about what the most searched for term in Google Mobile is according to the Google Keyword Tool, it’s [facebook] by a long shot.

google mobile searches navigational

When I looked at all of the top mobile keywords from various sources, along with just entering individual letters to get popular keywords, I compiled a list of more than 34k keywords that the keyword tool suggested. The graph above shows the top 25, minus adult terms. It’s interesting that five of the top 25 are Facebook navigational searches, and ten of them are for social networks. Demonstrates the synergy between social and mobile that I discussed last month in Search Engine Land.

When you take out the navigational keywords, the top mobile keyword is weather, followed by celebrities, maps and games.

google mobile searches non navigational

Many more insights into mobile search behavior tomorrow at 5pm at SMX West in San Jose, CA. Register tomorrow if you haven’t already. Knowing what mobile users are looking for is the first step to building brand equity by giving them what they want.

Here’s the full list of Google mobile search keywords I used for the study, if you want to see where your brand or your industry stands.

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3 Responses to “Top Google Mobile Searches 2011”

  1. Vlad Rascanu says:

    Good article as this topic will become more and more popular as the smartphone market grows. These results also speak to the target market currently using the smartphones… facebook, justin bieber, games, etc.

  2. [...] in finding a list of the top Google searches for this year. The problem is, they find the list of top Google Mobile Searches for 2011, which I found by using the same technique in the Google Keyword Tool that I used to get the top [...]

  3. Greg Johnson says:

    “Knowing what mobile users are looking for is the first step to building brand equity by giving them what they want.” YES! And, knowing the difference between the “mobile web” and internet is critical towards ‘positioning’ that brand equity.

    In his article “SEO Considerations For Google Mobile Search In 2012″,
    Dec 26, 2011 at 12:02pm ET, Michael Martin makes this point…
    ” How Would Search Results Be Different On These Mobile Devices?

    The intention of inputting a search term on a desktop, feature phone, smartphone, or tablet can mean different things for the same keyword. For example, when typing in the term “tacos” on a desktop I may want information or recipes; but on a feature phone, I may want to call a local taco shop; on a smartphone, I want directions to a local taco place, and on a tablet, I want to check reviews or what different items on the menu look like.”

    Becoming ‘mobile-ready’ or ‘mobile-friendly’ is so much more than a word-press ‘redirect’…it is about a business owner clarifying ‘intent’, knowing his ‘mobile-target customer’ and configuring a mobile strategy accordingly!

    Greg Johnson