What’s the Difference Between Google Desktop and Mobile Search in 2012?

Not just one difference… 16 of them.

That’s how many I counted this year in my latest Search Engine Land column, 16 Differences Between Google Mobile and Desktop Search Results in 2012.

A number of the differences from last year’s similar column are no more, but others have emerged in their place, and in total there are at least 16 differences between mobile search and desktop search in Google.

The bottom line is, Google is changing the search results to accommodate a mobile use case, in some ways to favor mobile-friendly content. As a larger percentage of their searches come from mobile devices, this trend is likely to continue. As I’ve said before, the day may eventually come when the term “mobile SEO” is a pleonasm, or a redundant phrase, like “wet water” or “black darkness”. Mobile will just be a part of how SEOs optimize, rather than a specific niche of SEO.

How are you preparing for the change? Hopefully by now your site is at least mobile-friendly, if not optimized for mobile search traffic.

Differences include local results being more prominent, interactive results for certain queries, blended app rankings, etc.

Read the full article at Search Engine Land.

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